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  1. Extremely late, but RL has been hectic lately.. Congrats @ChathMurrpau
  2. Sorry for disappearing guys, but I had some personal loss & tragedy in the family and have been out of state because of it. I am back now though! ❤️

    1. ChathMurrpau


      Hope everything is going ok! Welcome back =3

    2. Darkjeskill


      hope everthing is ok 2 and welcome back

    3. Zandahar


      Sorry for your loss...

      Glad to see you're back!

  3. That moment when you die with an unpoked Cresbot pet in your inventory not knowing you have to poke it to keep it .-.

    1. Telle


      RIP Cresbot... 

    2. Zandahar


      I know the feeling...

      Happened to me once 😢


  4. These truthful shadow cores refuse to become light cores for me 😭 I ONLY NEED 3 DANG IT!

    1. Telle


      lollll that part of the quest took longer than the actual quest x)

    2. Miracle


      RIGHT?! Took me like 2.5 hours just for those dang cores 😅

    3. Telle


      haha same! quest took me like an hour 😅

  5. I was hacked about a year ago, but honestly I'm not sure how. I didn't have the account guardian or anything like that due to A. Not having a phone that I could download an authenticator and B. The computer I was using would crash if I used anything other than the internet and RS. Obviously, now that I've fixed that and regained my account I have the maximum protection. Still wonder how someone hacked me though, I didn't use any other site with my related rs name but RuneHQ, I have a rs specific password that isn't used anywhere else and I don't download anything.
  6. Finally finished Fate of the Gods but now I'm stuck on Nomad's Elegy and it's the only quest I can do right now fml lol

  7. Honestly? I can't remember really haha. I have used this site for over 13 years now. I only joined the forums within the last 2 or 3 I believe (I can't exactly remember)
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