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  1. Alright y'all I need some help.. I'm at level 34 Invention.. & I AM SO DANG LOST! I have googled, youtubed, wiki'd etc etc - I just am NOT getting how to properly train & use invention. So can y'all give me your methods on what you do, how you train, what kind of items you destroy (or whatever). I'm just not understanding & I'd really appreciate some guidance. TIA y'all!
  2. Extremely late, but RL has been hectic lately.. Congrats @ChathMurrpau
  3. HA! Yeah quite a few Already done No clue, I need to make some money somehow. I don't have enough to boss plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I've got to figure out how I'm gonna do that first. I did Thanks everyone!
  4. Welp, after almost 15 years of playing this game on & off... I finally got my 1st 99 I definitely got bored & distracted time & time again throughout the years, but hopefully this is just the start of finally making progress in-game!
  5. Changed it again! SORRY! IGN: Dorky Witch I won't be changing it for a while now! SORRY GUYS!
  6. Sorry for disappearing guys, but I had some personal loss & tragedy in the family and have been out of state because of it. I am back now though! ❤️

    1. ChathMurrpau


      Hope everything is going ok! Welcome back =3

    2. Darkjeskill


      hope everthing is ok 2 and welcome back

    3. Zandahar


      Sorry for your loss...

      Glad to see you're back!

  7. Well best of luck to him with RL!
  8. That moment when you die with an unpoked Cresbot pet in your inventory not knowing you have to poke it to keep it .-.

    1. Telle


      RIP Cresbot... 

    2. Zandahar


      I know the feeling...

      Happened to me once 😢


  9. Just gonna squeeze right in here..
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