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  1. You're doing great!!! congrats =D
  2. Things like that often appear cheaper to make vs buy as the pieces to make them don't usually sell for the GE value and they are relatively rare. When they are bought, it's often for more than the GE value and it may bump the value up a bit, but not that close to what you just bought it for. And since another won't be bought for a while to adjust the price more, it doesn't truly reflect the value of the items. Another option with making them is to collect the parts on your own, but that may take a while due to rarity and skill on your part Either way, if you decide to make them you'd need: Malevolent Cuirass - 42 Malevolent energy & 3 Reinforcing plates Greaves - 28 Malevolent energy & 2 Reinforcing plates Helm - 14 Malevolent energy & 1 Reinforcing plates TOTAL - 84 Malevolent energy & 6 Reinforcing plates Sirenic Hauberk - 42 Sirenic scales & 3 Alagarum thread Chaos - 28 Sirenic scales & 2 Alagarum thread Mask - 14 Sirenic scales & 1 Alagarum thread TOTAL - 84 Sirenic scales & 6 Alagarum thread
  3. We will be updating it as soon as possible. Our issue generally lies in that we need someone (such as yourself) to submit a new guide/images or specific corrections OR we need one of our staff to have an account that can complete the quest do the same. If you would like to submit these adjustments that are necessary you can do so here. Thank you.
  4. uggggg you so lucky ;-; it's adorable, congrats
  5. Best 99.... Keep up the good work!
  6. Should have mentioned cookies, you don't know our Kovi wb
  7. until
    Want to earn some tabs to teleport you directly to your favorite Runecrafting altar? How about some robes that boost your XP? Or maybe you are after the coveted Runecrafting staff? It is time to head down to the Wizards Tower and play some Great Orb Project! For more information about this activity, see here. Event Details Date: Saturday, October 5th Time: Here FC: RHQ Events World: 60 Location: Runecrafting Guild (top of wizard tower) Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
  8. I dunno man, that seems pretty useless too.....lemme hold it for you
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