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  1. Back to the Freezer has a wholllle bunch of culture references and is pretty fun. not critical to do immediately though Brink of Extinction (started pre-break) Nothing comes to mind, tho depending on how far you are through it, it may be good to get it out of the way Call of the Ancestors cute little quest on Mazcab, not really critical for anything. Though the reroll tokens are good if you do Beast Master cbt Dimension of Disaster is basically a repeat of ....shield of arrav(?) that can be completed multiple times to complete achievements. Exploding cows toward the end are annoying Dishonour among Thieves From what I remember this one was fun/good story, but it has been a while since I did it Evil Dave's Big Day Out (I remember Evil Dave! This should be fun, but should it really be first?) this one is definitely fun, but the reward isn't anything special. Maybe do it when you're looking more for entertainment than cranking out quests Heart of Stone I remember like nothing of this quest so I prolly did it AGESSS ago. If you decide to this one, we could use some help on the guide, if you're willing to help we'd appreciate it =3 shoot me a PM if/when you do it and are up to help (feel free to say no) Impressing the Locals relatively important as it is required to access the Arc (mostly 90+ skill area) and begins a series of miniquests in that area Jack of Spades unlocks Menaphos. I recommend this one towards the begining of what you do as completion of the quest that comes after (Crocodile Tears) enables you to travel in the desert without heat damage Kindred Spirits This is another one I recall enjoying, plus you get a Barrows "sister" Lord of Vampyrium (Morytania was quite fun, as I remember) This guide also needs help, if you're up for assisting, PM me before you start it... this one is cool because the Sunspear is a decent weapon and it's fun how it auto-cremates Vyres Mighty Fall make sure you're good with 2h combat before doing this one as it is critical for the final fight Needle Skips relatively annoying unless you are into word games. basically watch cutscenes and figure out words that unlock the next sections (we ofc have all the words so it can be easy, just annoying) You Are It it isn't bad. nothing super special about it imo Overall, top 3 (no particular order) Lord of Vampyrium Jack of Spades Impressing the Locals
  2. Yay for trash panda stalker!!! congrats on title too =D
  3. Enter your house in build mode. Choose whichever door you want the aquarium to be out of and right click the ghostly looking doors. Choose "Build room" and scroll down to the room you want. iirc you'll then get the option to rotate the room as desired. Hope this helps.
  4. last items are always the hardest to get, keep at it
  5. too focused on them gains lol. congrats!
  6. Huzzah!!! Ovls are great =D
  7. What is your current level? and what steps are you doing to try and raise them/produce babies?
  8. note that you can get warpriest from the "minions" in each encampment, you don't HAVE to get them from the boss (I think I got all my Bandos from them not Graardor). be sure to wear one or more god aligned items and you'll be alright
  9. Exhausted now that the con is over... Time to get back on the RHQ content game =3

  10. Now that some IRL dust has settled I can make this official.... The moderators have now become a little more numerous Help me congratulate @Numerous Oneon his promotion to Forum Manager!
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