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Prifddinas Gem Rocks

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I am looking to collect data on rates of gems from the Prifddinas gem rocks for our mining guide. If you are mining lots of gems there I would love to get your data to add together with mine/others so I can get a larger number of gems to get a better percent chance of each. If you can please post below the total number of each gem mined from the rock. Please make sure only to give data POST nerf of the onyx rate.  It would be preferable if you would post a picture of your loot not just numbers, but numbers will do. My goal is to get as many as possible but I would like to reach 100k gems. Thanks in advanced for your help.


Ksb Single 
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For anyone doing this, it is SUPER helpful to use the Gem bag (or the upgraded version). Basically mine til full of at least sapphires, then snap a pic of the dropdown it gives you when hovering (include any onyx or gems that didn't fit), empty in bank, and start again.


Example I sent to KSB earlier




Thanks to anyone who helps!!

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Sapphire x83

All the rest numbered.... feel oddly lucky on this onyx rate tonight

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Totals I have so far from numbers given to me plus numbers pulled off of Reddit. 

Sapphire: 6698
Emerald: 1113
Ruby: 1931
Diamond: 4645
Dragonstone: 1859
Onyx: 37

Total: 16283

% Change of each gem type so far:

Sapphire: 41.13%
Emerald: 6.84%
Ruby: 11.86%
Diamond: 28.53%
Dragonstone: 11.42%
Onyx: 0.23%

Total: 100.01% (I rounded up on a couple)


Keep the numbers coming and thanks for all the help so far. 


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So thanks for all the work but they have updated the Prif gem rock again. So I have to start all over... If you would like to help the data will still be welcome. Please start the data post update today. Looks like emerald and ruby got a boost and sapphire a small nerf, but the onyx rate supposedly stayed the same. 

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Here's my first entry from that point


80x Sapphire, 66x Emerald, 59x Ruby, 47x Diamond, 30x Dragonstone, 1x Onyx


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So post 2nd change here is the data I have so far. 

Sapphire: 2001
Emerald: 1920
Ruby: 2017
Diamond: 1644
Dragonstone: 934
Onyx: 29
Total: 8545


Sapphire: 23.42%
Emerald: 22.47%
Ruby: 23.60%
Diamond: 19.24%
Dragonstone: 10.93%
Onyx: 0.34%  (1/294)
Total: 100%


Interestingly it looks like with the fix it evened out most the gems but may have actually increased the Onyx rate...


Keep the data coming the more data we have the better the rate. 

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Some updates:


Sapphire: 2681
Emerald: 2636
Ruby: 2750
Diamond: 2273
Dragonstone: 1303
Onyx: 39
Total: 11682


Sapphire: 22.95%
Emerald: 22.56%
Ruby: 23.54%
Diamond: 19.46%
Dragonstone: 11.15%
Onyx:  0.33% (1/303)
Total: 99.99%

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If you want numbers for after the removal, I have a stack of numbers for you
Sapphire 455

Emerald 505

Ruby 514

Diamond 431

Dstone 275

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