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Quick`s goal to Trim!

Mr Quick

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Here i will keep track of my still to-do Trim comp achievements. I will post whenever i completed an achievement or how far i am with one.

  • Champions, what champions?
    • ghoul
    • giant
    • goblin
    • hobgoblin
    • imp
    • jogre
    • lesser demon
    • skeleton
    • zombie
    • human
    • banshee
    • aberrant spectre
    • mummy
    • gnome


  • Chompy Massacre
    • kill chompy birds  644/4000


  • Master Angler
    • standard tackle box
    • professional tackle box
    • champion`s tackle box


  • Stones Throw Away
    • complete the Dahmaroc statue in your player owned house. 8 left


  • Who will be her lover?
    • complete the replica statue of rhiannon in the max guild garden.  14/32
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On 2/10/2022 at 4:23 PM, Mr Quick said:

Ranch Out of Time breeding log completed!

eidino completed.png

Ooooh man that has to be the worst pun ever in an MMO! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Gz on being a Telos dartin' noob Quackly - can't all be leet pvmers like me 😋

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20 hours ago, Numerous One said:

I am sincerely sorry for you choppy bird hunt.

Chompy birds is a easy task, have some chompy bird enhancers stored for that.

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Poor sweet summer child those are the words of someone who hasn't done chompy birds enmass yet.

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Worked a bit on Reaper Crew today:


Done these:  First 5 was leeched

  • Raksha
  • Vorago (HM for maul + title)
  • Ambassador
  • RoTS
  • Solak
  • Magister
  • Legiones ( Primus)
  • Telos 0%
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