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[Locked]The ever-changing tortles


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So people in cc said that normal tortles cannot turn into ornate tortles. Experience a wonderful uncharted island with some tortles. Six of them in fact, and no ornate tortles anywhere on the island.



Then a monster came along:



And after a while, suddenly an ornate tortle replaces one of the normal tortles


And this is the beginning of the end. Because everytime you get this message:


It will eventually lead to this, because no other tortle will attempt to be captured by that trap and you have no clue which trap you need to reset early:


Plus that you are now working with a supply of 5, later maybe 4, or 3, or 2.


Two ornate tortles:


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Well damn I've never experienced that for myself. That really is the beginning of the end. Glad I trained up to 96 before grinding out shark soup.

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It turns out you can world hop to reset the island, at least these kind of tortles and the basic farm patches. So there's that.

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