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After four straight attempts (a bit embarrassed) I defeated Jad and received my first ever fire cape! Also recently finished the Curses quest line yesterday, which I was waiting to do before attempting the Fight Cave again (tried one time before a while back)...Super stoked, Super tired, Super happy and relieved!!! I should have finished it my third attempt, however I focused on killing the healers opposed to ignoring them, and after doing so I didn't realize that they would just come back and ended up messing up a pray flick and dying 😕 All in all it was a fun challenge as well as good practice learning how to pray flick between Soul Split and protect curses. Now considering grinding out 99 slay as my next goal 😉 Thanks everyone who offered some input, as always it is much appreciated 🙂 

fire cape.PNG



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That's great!!!

Watch out Ice Strykes!!


You should wear it as that is an achievement.

You may want to get another as you have to sacrifice a Fire Cape to get into the Fight Kiln.


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