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Oops! First was a mistake.....


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Erm so I got this earlier today (which I miscalculated, I didn't want it just then lol)

120 Woodcutting.png

But then I got the main bunch later today...

Six 120s all together.png


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2 hours ago, Numerous One said:

Nice! Where did u find motivation to do it?

Not a nice explanation but.....My mother got terminally ill so as well as work full time, I had to care for my mother while bed bound.  She would sleep most of the time so I sat with her and afk'ed on mobile for 4 months until she passed.  With her death I thought I'd finish them off in some type of small 'tip of the hat' kinda thing. 🙂

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1 hour ago, Zandahar said:

It was really cool seeing all those 120 announcements pop up!

Great job!  Just sorry for the reason behind it.


Just a pity I messed up early by that one tick on woodcutting 🤣🤣

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