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Fletching Competition!

St. Squiggy

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Skilling Event - Fletching.png

Arm yourselves! The horrors of October are on us and we need to get ready! Nothing says deadly like a stake right thru a monster's chest (if you can make'em then kudos to you!). We're going to prepare by fletching any and all types of ammo for our weapons. Arrows your thing? Feather away. Bolts better? Hammer it gud. Really accurate with darts? Eye'em up.

As always there are some restrictions:

- Community Crew are exempted from winning.
- One RSN per person entry allowed.
- Can enter after the competition starts but will be at a disadvantage.

The competition will start this Friday the 19th and will end the following Friday the 26th.

The winners of the competition will gain 3m, 2m, and then 1m for 1st thru 3rd respectively.

As they say in the Hunger Games, may the odds ever be in your favor.

Current Sign-Ups

@Ksb Single
@With Faith



Crystal Math Labs Competition Link

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Looks like the gains were minimal this time, but gotten nonetheless.

1. Ksb Single 2,135,067

2. Chathmurrpau 145,844

Grats to you two for your skilling! Hit me up for your prize of 3m each!

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