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  1. Wowza!!! Congrats!!!
  2. Grats, Pandaman, now maybe you have overcome your pyromaniac compulsion.
  3. Lots of sparkly badges in chat, congrats!!
  4. That is Amazing! Congratulations!!!
  5. I was doing Lost Grove when a friend asked me about getting Vinny. Then this happened.
  6. Grats, Congrats, and Congratulations!!!
  7. Grats Zand! Chath and Dimi was teaching me Croesus.
  8. *hands you a candle* Congrats Zand!!!!
  9. Congrats on the cute little Pheonix!
  10. Congrats Moridin!!! You've got this!!
  11. Congrats Senug! That's a great goal to have achieved.
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