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Toeby's road to max!


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Quest Weekend

  • quest1.png
  • quest2.png
  • quest3.png
  • quest4.png
  • quest5.png
  • quest6.png
  • quest7.png
  • quest8.png
  • quest9.png
  • quest10.png
  • quest13.png
  • quest14.png
  • quest15.png
  • quest11.png
  • quest12.png

Apart from that, the lamps via TH got me;

  • 62 Farming
  • 51 Runecrafting

How often should I collect from Miscellania?I know to check daily and make 100% and I top off coffers, just uncertain on collection.



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Knocked out 24 more quests. I have now  completed all the "Novice" quests. Moving onto the "Intermediate" ones.




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Knocked out a few more quests today. The first two didn't give me the completion bar thingy like the others did, so I just screen grabbed it from a phone app. Ignore the date.. all were done today.






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8 hours ago, ChathMurrpau said:

Hop to it then 😉

Working on it 😄 

managed tio knock out a skill requirement today (76 hunter). Still working on..

  • 80 slayer
  • 80 herbivore
  • 85 thieving
  • And a few special thingies I'll get to after levels

The herblore requirement is the one I'm dreading though.


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