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Ksb's Log to get something

Ksb Single

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Gratz on all the gains!

9 hours ago, Ksb Single said:

Got shiny loyal trevor finished and turned in for pet.

Could you breed another one for me? I could use one too 😛

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3 minutes ago, Ksb Single said:

Got my zygos back do you need to borrow them? Got a glistening yak too if you need that.

I haven't touched yaks yet bc I was trying to finish up my cows and letting Dragons do as they liked, so maybe a but later.... Will totally borrow your zygos tho =3

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Used some DTDs at Nex figured I would just leave the log here in case anyone is interested:

Dart 1: 400 green dragonhide
Dart 2: 40 Grimy Torstol
Dart 3: Virtus boots (LOTD shined) and Nex's followers book
Dart 4: 375 Magic Logs
Dart 5: 40 Grimy Torstol
Dart 6: 375 Magic Logs
Dart 7: 80 Luminite stone spirts
Dart 8: 75 Grimy dwarf weed, 75 Grimy avantoe, 1 loop half of a key (LOTD shined), 1 diamond (LOTD shined). 

Approx 1.283m/dtd 


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Well, luck seems to be on my side... Can't complain about 32 kills for next pet. Probably gonna be forever for next one though...


First Revenant pet Imp at 274 kc.

Second Revenant pet Goblin at 1399 kc.

Third Revenant pet  Icefiend at 1834 kc.

Fourth Revenant pet Pyrefiend at 4137 kc.

Fifth Revenant pet Hobgoblin at 4169 kc.

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