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Ksb's Log to get something

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Great job! Use up all your charms yet??

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Some great gains! Keep it up

3 hours ago, ChathMurrpau said:

is day 2 over already? it all blurs into 1 super long "day" to me lol


you're doing awesome, end day 3 with a bang 😉

does it count as one long day if you don't sleep?

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So recently...

Finished spider logs.

Got male shiny zygo. have the trevor name still working on loyal trait

finally got around to getting fire cape.

finished fremmy tasks

105 Dung

107 Invention

50M Invention XP

100 & 101 Fletching

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Recent updates:

Got shiny loyal trevor finished and turned in for pet. 

Got shiny yak. (only royal dragon to go)

got seedicide (i know i'm late to the game)

at 19.2M constitution got Morty

Got 106 farming

Got my achievement score over 9k

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