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This is the Daily Toe with your host *me* Toeby! I hope you guys are having a great day today, you know I am. I can't believe it has been over twenty years.. wow. Where has the time gone? The better question is why/how am I still not maxed? Ehh, time to get serious guys.. This is the year.. I feel it. I've been derping around way to much and it's time to get on that gain train buckle up and enjoy the ride! All abooooooooard!


With 2020 finally over... it is time to hype up, assess goals and crank into the new year. This thread will serve as my goals and daily log moving forward.  




          2021 Goals

  • 99 Herblore
  • 99 Thieving
  • 99 Crafting
  • 99 Runecrafting
  • 99 Slayer
  • 99 Farming
  • 99 Construction
  • 99 Hunter
  • 99 Dungeoneering
  • 99 Divination
  • 99 Invention
  • 99 Archaeology
  • Max cape
  • Quest Cape
  • 500m total xp



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15 hours ago, Telle said:

I want 2 of those 99 crossed off by the end of this month!

On top of the other three I already got this month.. and the pet? lol. I know I can get one more, but I don't  know about two. Maybe if I knew anything about dung I could pass it from 97-99 in a few days. To be honest though, most of that is sinkholes. I'll give it a shot though. Before I do any of that, I have a personal goal of 120 Magic to do. I want to get that before the end of the month. I am camping the Abyss atm.




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Made a little headway today..  pushing into 113 Magic. I then took a little break and bumped up my Crafting a bit. I ended only 60m from my total goal. I'm coming for you max...


January 18th 2021

  • Magic 111-113
  • Crafting 92-94
  • Moved up to 440m total xp
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