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First Double XP Week Competition of the year!

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Made a group on Crystal Meths Lab tracker website, so everyone is currently being tracked already! Going to watch closely today so that everyone is being tracked on that site. 

Final preps will  be made later today with the tracker link up and running and the Competition being ready for tomorrow!

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On 2/17/2020 at 4:15 PM, Quick Art said:

With DXP and our Competitions almost around the corner its time to make things more interesting! 

If we can hit 500M total xp with everyone at the end of the Competition, i will do a random BOND Giveaway. 

( 1B total XP is ofcourse 2 Bonds 😉, not if that`s going to happen.)


That 500m XP does not seem to be that far away... Still over 6 days to go and almost to 400m XP total for all in comp.  That 1B XP probably won't happen but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.

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First i want to thank all of you who competed in this competition! For our first Competition of the year, this was a big one! Together we gained a total of 610,673,778 XP!!! Also a big congratulations on every achievement you all made during BXP!


  1.  Amoa gained a total of 122,179,298 XP                   Prize = 10M
  2. Jeimuzu gained a total of 60,700,512 XP                  Prize = 9M
  3. Sntnick gained a total of 58,992,005 XP                   Prize = 8M
  4. Souls Blackz gained a total of 57,665,433 XP          Prize = 7M
  5. Jeskill gained a total of 48,364,238 XP                      Prize = 6M
  6. Aaros gained a total of 37,524,594 XP                      Prize = 5M
  7. Pixelatic gained a total of 31,320,102 XP                 Prize = 4M
  8. James Rhodes gained a total of 24,796,648 XP       Prize = 3M
  9. Balista77 gained a total of 23,967,693 XP                Prize = 2M 
  10. Ksb Single gained a total of 20,197,872 XP              Prize = 1M and a bond
  11. Super Afk gained a total of 19,929,378 XP
  12. Kribsided gained a total of 15,964,104 XP
  13. Graystar gained a total of 15,923,660 XP
  14. Chathmurrpau gained a total of 8,637,376 XP
  15. Aegis Miner gained a total of 8,417,762 XP
  16. Hope 1789 gained a total of 7,874,193 XP
  17. Senug5 gained a total of 2,400,735 XP


Everyone who won a prize can PM me or find me ingame to collect it!

@Amoa @Jeimuzu @SntNick @Souls_Black @Darkjeskill @Aaros @Pixelatic @James @Balista @Ksb Single


The winner for the BOND will be randomly drawn later today!


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Congratulations to all the winners!!! (That is everyone!!!) Also congrats to everyone who won a cash prize and congrats to KSD for winning the bond, too!!

Thanks to the community crew for hosting this competition.

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On 2/29/2020 at 10:09 AM, Amoa said:

Wow I won! 😮

Also achieved both of my goals for this DXP (see pictures).





That's alot of 120s!

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Grats to all the winners! Great job on all the gains

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