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First Double XP Week Competition of the year!

Mr Quick

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Yes, Yes! Can you see it right?! RuneHQ is hosting its First BIG Double XP Weekend Competition of the Year! Its time to NOT waste your XP gains and GO claim every XP you can get! There are ofcourse prizes to be handed out to our TOP 10 lucky winners! Everyone can join in on the fun. May The Odds Be In Your Favor!  Official Runescape Double XP info link Click Here . 

Practical info:

  • Overall skilling competition
  • Starts Friday February 21st (12:00 Game Time)
  • Ends  Friday February 28th (00:00 Game Time)
  • Prizes ranges from 10M gp to 1M gp
  • Competition tracker hosted by Crystal Math Labs
  • People who are on the Pre sign-Up List are automatically added to every Competition!

Competition Rules:

  • One RSN per person
  • Join beforehand! otherwise you will have a slight disadvantage.
  • Everyone can join! 
  • Staff can join and are enabled to win in the prizes!




crystal labs tracker.png

(Tracker NOT active!)



Quick Art 

Ksb Single


souls blackz



James Rhodes

Hope 1789





Super Afk





Aegis Miner

















Pre Sign-up List

(Click image for Pre sign-Up List)

Don`t want to miss out any Competition? Sign Up here!


















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Oo go on then 😉

Rsn: James Rhodes

Edited by James
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you can sign me up as well.


RSN: super afk

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With DXP and our Competitions almost around the corner its time to make things more interesting! 

If we can hit 500M total xp with everyone at the end of the Competition, i will do a random BOND Giveaway. 

( 1B total XP is ofcourse 2 Bonds 😉, not if that`s going to happen.)


@Ksb Single@senug @Souls_Black @ChathMurrpau @SntNick @James @Hope @Aaros @Amoa @Balista @Pixelatic @Super Afk @Darkjeskill @graystar

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Add me please, but only to contribute to 500M total xp. Someone else can have the gp prize if I'm top 10.

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