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  1. Welcome to the Family!

  2. Welcome to the Family!

  3. Sorry guys, I'm back, I'm not actually playing Runescape yet (still have to save money) but hopefully soon I'll be able to join everyone on the action 

  4. good morning, hope you have a good day

    1. Krygore


      LIkewise! Idk where you are from, but this is the first full week this year that we have had sunshine and temps in the 60s! I got nothing to complain about! ^_^

  5. Welcome to the RuneHQ Club! Have a Good Day!

  6. Good Morning to you!

  7. Have an Awarding Day!

  8. I Am The Unofficial Greeter of The Forums. Mwuaha ha ha ha *coughs* ha ha.

  9. Welcome to the RuneHQ Family.

  10. Whats up Emmie? Hope you had a Good Day today!

    1. Emmie


      Thanks! Sorry I've been away, I was moving into a new place! 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

  11. Welcome to the RuneHQ Club!

  12. Welcome to the club Apophis_21. Glad to have you here.

  13. I'm planning on making a guide to new Runescape Players to help them make a little bit of start up cash on their first day playing as a new character. Give me a bit and i should have it finished. Due to the nature of my living arrangements I can't go that in depth nor provide pictures to assist in clarifying the content of the guide. So when I post the guide please feel free to help me in that regard. Your Help will be appreciated.

  14. Welcome To The RuneHQ Family.

  15. Have a Bright and Burning Day!

  16. Have a Great Day Uncle Si! May the day bring you many Cash Stacks.

    1. Uncle Si

      Uncle Si

      Why thank you! Same to you, bud!

  17. Have a Great Day Jeff!

  18. Have a good day! May you complete all of your goals and get thee cape of completionist.

  19. Hope you guys are doing okay down there, I heard the news about the Tornados in Alabama. Stay safe.

  20. Good Day Iceberg! May you please not sink another Titanic.

  21. Uggg... remember the times? When Partyhats were worthless because of the duplication glitch? now they are like 45bil? i should have gotten some when they were worhtless...but altas.... the force was not with me then and my sight was cloudy with naivety.

  22. Have a awesome day... may you find plenty and bountiful frequencies.

  23. Have a Great Day!

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