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Today I converted enough artefacts to go from level 116 to level 120+. I have been collecting artefacts since they were worth 25.000 exp or more each, to convert. I ended up with about 925 odd to convert. I miscalculated a bit and had about 3 million extra exp over. The materials costs were enormous, value wise, to convert all of these.

Started at 76,193,684 exp and finished at 108,708,579 exp. A total gain of 32,514,895 exp.

The hoarded artefacts are shown. I would not suggest to use this method as it is extremely slow.


Converting the 900 odd aretfacts only took about 1h 10m.




With all my other hoarded sets I have ended up with 38 full Tetra Compasses. Once collected I will do a big opening of about 40 or so to see the loot.



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Hey, you got an effigy! The only thing that I recognize and know that is the best item to get


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