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First 99 <3


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Welp, after almost 15 years of playing this game on & off... I finally got my 1st 99 😅 

I definitely got bored & distracted time & time again throughout the years, but hopefully this is just the start of finally making progress in-game!


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16 hours ago, Numerous One said:

Nice job! 1 down only  few more to go!!!! 

HA! Yeah quite a few 😛

15 hours ago, Zandahar said:



Keepsake that skillcape!!

Already done 🙂 

15 hours ago, Toeby said:

Very nice, what's next? Congrats!

No clue, I need to make some money somehow. I don't have enough to boss plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I've got to figure out how I'm gonna do that first.

55 minutes ago, ChathMurrpau said:

Zandahar is right, you should definitely keepsake it before you earn another 99


Super Congratssssssss! =D

I did 😄


Thanks everyone! ❤️ 

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