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Probability and using it to your advantage - Winning at TT

Dimir Editor

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So many people know this, but many do not. Before I reveal my accomplishment, I will teach you a secret on how to manipulate the odds into your favor.

So if you roll a six sided die, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting a 6. If you roll a 6, and you roll again, your chances of getting a 6 again are still 1 in 6. HOWEVER, if you roll 2 six sided dice at the same time, your chances of rolling at least one result of 6 are much higher. There are 36 possible results (6 x 6), and 11 of them have at least one result of 6, with one of those being 2 results of 6.

This is why you should always open your TT caskets in bulk if you can. Today I opened 25 hard and 25 elite caskets, and got an ice dye.


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