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  1. On 1/7/2020 at 12:40 AM, Ksb Single said:

    @ChathMurrpau I think the farming guild requests are the same for everyone each day.  There was a post on reddit that the medium request was for a livid plant. upon checking mine it was for a livid plant.

    So I'm guessing it is going to work similar to traveling merchant where there are rewards and costs for each tier that repeat every certain number of days. Then each tier will be a different number of items so it is not the same three on the same rotation each time. I believe the traveling merch is on a 100 day rotation but the third tier drops 1 item every 100 days  to make some weird 1300 days or so before it repeats itself. 


    Now all you have to do is break the code.

    I don't think it's the same for everyone, mine has been different from people I have talked to

    today Hope sent me an image with Tool Lep, Pauline, and Harpoon.
    today my people are Tzhaar-hur-zuh, Betty, and Harpoon


    It may be that it's a random selection of a specific number of people though and that is on a group rotation. Not 100% sure how many NPC can make requests since Ive seen new ones pop up.

  2. With the addition of the Farming Guild, there is now a new area to turn in things. There seem to be new ones that pop up still (it is new so not too surprising). I'm starting to wonder if there are [insert random number] different seeds/animals/produce that can be obtained at each tier vs each person only has [insert random number] options for them specifically. Due to the amount of time between respawning, I can't really check this on my own easily/quickly.

    As such, we could use your help ensuring that we have all possible requests. If you would please post below any and all requests you have and who they are from, it would be greatly appreciated. Please list them with exact wording from the game or a screenshot.


    Thank you!

    Staff peoples, pls hep


  3. I have most of mine blocked, but I'll open them up and check em every few days (cycle out the 5 visible).


    Current ones:

    • Kill Slayer creatures that are assigned to you by a slayer master: 25
    • Prepare dished of food: 25
    • Catch any type of fish: 25
    • Check the health of a farming patch, or gather produce from an allotment, a herb patch, hop patch, or a farm animal: 1
    • Brew any type of potions: 10



  4. I restarted DOD and found that I was able to use the urn in New Varrock both with an (nr) and (r) cooking urn in my bank. The only issue I ran into was the fact it would not full with a completely full inventory. It is possible that because it was a heckin' old urn that there may have been some glitch associated with it as well. I'm glad you were able to work past it.

    Thank you for pointing out where you noticed a discrepancy on our guide 😃

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