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    It gives me great pleasure to promote ChathMurrpau to the position of Content Admin. She has proven herself many times over and i could not be prouder to have her in this rank
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    Not sure if we were going to do a DXPW comp but it starts in 6 hours and one wasn't setup. Soooo.... Since I like comps, since it gives me motivation, I set one up. ( @St. Squiggy if you want this to be official let me know and I can send you the info). I put a bunch of names on the list using the pre-signup list and recent comp people and tossed a few extras on. If you want in just post below and I will try and get you on as soon as I can. The comp is here: CLICK ME!!! Good Luck All and have lots of fun! Here is the list I used: Ksb Single Chathmurrpau Armahkarma With Faith Senug5 Dorky Girl Loucetios Aaros Telle Wick Swift Hankinator St Squiggy Katalex Rdranger2020 Haxorze Zing 1 Owain121 Balista77 Pixelatic Greystar Jeimuzu Aaros Stanimite alfawarlord carazen flama moo moo739 zandahar numerous one hope 1789 3ter 1 sassykookie super fly sola wind
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    Welcome to my blog! I'm a level 3 skiller. I started this account February 2020. I'm going to try to update this weekly! Level 50 in all non-combat skills 70 Fishing 50+ Quest Points *To be Completed*
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    200m or bust!!!! yus!
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    I will keep updating this until i feel it's complete. This ''guide'' will be mostly screenshots of the attacks and where to stand to avoid getting smacked/dying BOSS #1 The Crassian Leviathan The first thing you want to do is enter the arena and stand in the area mark on the image below! (after the first special attack; move towards the boss to increases your chances of staying alive!) The Attacks (idk names so bare with my made up names) and how to avoid dying Green Bean Beam Not dying to this attack is simple: Don't stand in the green.. Head smash! Every now and then the boss will do this attack, through the fight stand next to the boss and move to the direction it's moving to asap when the attack sequence starts Side note: stand near the boss during the fight; this way you get more time to react to the Head Smash! How to avoid taking massive damage? Simple-ish, run/surge in the direction they are moving towards and stand in the corner! E.G: Boss is moving east to west (see screenshot): Run/surge west and stand in that corner, after it reaches the west side, move to the east corner and stand there! (move back to middle-ish after attack) Around the 1 minute mark the boss moves to the opposite side of the arena; their attack rotation will be reset and will start at green bean beam!
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    Since we just got a FM update it is a good time to have a FM XP competition! As always there are some restrictions: - One RSN per person entry allowed. - Can enter after the competition starts but will be at a disadvantage. The competition will start April 4th 00:00 game time and will end April 11th 00:00 game time. The winners of the competition will win: 1st place - 3m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 2nd place - 2m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs 3rd place - 1m GP and 1k Corrupted magic logs As they say in the Hunger Games, may the odds ever be in your favor. Crystal Math Lab Comp I have added all those on the pre-signup list. @ChathMurrpau @With Faith @Aaros @Dorky Girl @Fuzzyjoe162 @graystar @Hankinator @Hope @Loucetios @Numerous One @senug @SiriusXM @Super Fly @Telle @Toeby @Zing101 Everyone else please join in and have some fun!
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    When you mention RHQ on your work resume and that is what catches their eye... NAILED IT!
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    Hey all, I have just got my 10th 99 in fishing. Now you can all officially call me sea nugget (looks at Chath)
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    Great! leave it to me to find the knock-off brand
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    Ok so here is the guide: CLICK BAIT!!!!! Currently I have more challenges than Wiki has but I am not sure if we have all of the challenges yet... So if you could when in game spend a few seconds and check your challenges versus the ones I have in the guide and if you have one not listed just give a quick reply with it's name and reqs that would be great. Thanks. @SiriusXM @Alfawarlord @ChathMurrpau @Alk12 @3ter 1 @Numerous One @Hail4Gaming @Fuzzyjoe162 @Koviana @Hope @Katalex @moridin_1 @mafchief @Loucetios @Zandahar @Super Fly @Pixelatic @sola wind @Haxorze
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    Look... many of us have been playing over 15 years, some of us have max experience, levels, max cash stacks, all pets, trim completionist, etc. As someone who no lifed RS in the past, you're fine! Play until you don't feel like it anymore, if it loses the fun, then take a little break. Come back when you can- However, if it interferes with life priorities, focus on those, not exp gains
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    Are you someone who likes to participate in competitions? Don't matter what they are? If you do, for any competition that requires a sign-up you can be included as the preliminary people for the list when a new one is created! This way you are guaranteed to be signed up and will know you can always join (unless you're barred for any reason like staff involvement). On signing up to this when a new competition is setup and your names are added you'll get a forum tag to let you know one has been setup, so ensure you're getting notifications so you don't miss out! If you're interested reply with your forum name and RSN that will be typically used: Example: St. Squiggy - St Squiggy Current Participants Chathmurrpau - Same Ksb Single - Same With Faith - Same Senug - Senug5 Dorky Girl - Dorky Witch Loucetios - Same Aaros - Same Telle - Same Lots a LOUD - Wick Swift Toeby - Same Super Fly - Same Fuzzyjoe162 - Same Hankinator - Same Zing101 - Zing1 Hope - Hope 1789 Numerous One - Same Graystar - Same SiriusXM - Sirius XM Katalex - Same ------------------------------ Pyro - RdRanger2020
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    Just an update I can confirm this. Just tried it.
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    It's that time again (oddly enough)! There's a double XP weekend coming and I'm sure you want to get in that competitive spirit! This time it is Overall so do what you want, it's all for you! Rules still apply in regards to other double XP comps, which I'll list here: One RSN per person. Preferable to join beforehand but can join after. If joining after you are at a disadvantage and understand this. Anyone can join, no staff restrictions. Top 10 people will receive GP (10m for first down to 1m for 10th and respectively for those in the middle). The timeframe is the same as in game, so from Friday 22nd February 12:00 Game Time to Monday 25th February 11:59 Game Time. One difference you may notice from others (if any request) is there may possibly be entrants from Facebook or Twitter! If you see them join welcome them to the competition and invite them to join us more often! If this is you reading this because you came from one of the two, well... the same applies! Come join us more and here! Aside from that, happy skilling and may you all get great gains! Entrants @ChathMurrpau@Ksb Single@With Faith@senug @Dorky Girl@Loucetios@Aaros@Telle Lots a Loud @Toeby@Super Fly@Fuzzyjoe162@Hankinator@Zing101@Hope@Numerous One@graystar Pyro @Balista J E K K A AKRITE Twitter Sharpkeep633 Fotus Odin Competition Link Want to be notified of future skilling competitions? Join us and sign up here!
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    The Queen of Thieves Difficulty: Novice Length: Short Quest Requirements: Client of Kourend Skill/Other Requirements: 20 Thieving 20% Piscarilius House Favour Item Requirement: 1 Stew (can be made in the area or bought from GE) Recommended Items: Weight Reduction Equipment, such as full Graceful Stamina Potions or Super Energy Potions Items Acquired During Quest: Letter Quest Points: 1 Reward: 2k Thieving Experience 2k Coins Access to The Warrens Piscarilius favour certificate (worth 10% favour) A memoir page for the Kharedst's Memoirs. "The Fisher's Flute" Start Point: Outside the bank in Port Piscarilius. To Start: Speak with Tomas Lawry. 1. Talk to Tomas Lawry outside of the bank in Port Piscarilius. 2. Your goal now is to infiltrate the new gang that has formed named: Saviors of Kourend. Speak to the poor looking man or poor looking woman in the house west of the starting point. 3. Head south, past the bridge and in the house on the west to speak with Robert O'Reilly and he will ask for a stew. Note: If you did not bring a stew with you, you will need to purchase the items from Kenelme in the house to the west, as well as a bowl from the general store to the southeast. 4. Make your way to the manhole to the east and climb down it. 5. Head south from where you entered and cross the bridge, continuing west until you reach Devan Rutter by the fish stall. Speak with him to continue. 6. Head back up the manhole and go east, to the dock on the southern side of the Piscarilius mess hall. Find Conrad King there and murder him. Note: You can choose any option here. Regardless of what you pick, you will murder him brutally. 7. Return to Devan Rutter down the manhole, then enter the tent (go-through doorway) and speak with the Queen of Thieves. 8. Return above-ground again and head to the house east of the Hosidius General Store. (The top house in the row.) Picklock the chest in the house to find a letter. 9. Take the letter back to Tomas Lawry to show it to him. 10. He will forget about the Queen of Thieves and tell you that no reward is better than feeling useful. Return to the Queen of Thieves (now named Lady Shauna Piscarilius), for your reward.
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    A few suggestions based off following this guide.... Raw rat meat, Raw bear meat, Raw chicken, and Raw beef should be listed as items need to complete quest, not items required to start quest. Also, the locations to obtain these should be in the guide somewhere. I recommended the following locations, although someone else might have better. On Step 3, Taverley Dungeon should be capitalized. Step 5 currently reads: Talk to Sanfew and he'll be grateful and tell you to visit Kaqemeex for your Herblore skill training. I recommend changing this to: Talk to Sanfew, who will be grateful and ask you to visit Kaqemeex for your Herblore skill training.
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    Corrected, knew it was something like that lol
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    @chaostyrant if you are playing on RS3 you do not need a partner to complete the quest. If you are playing on OSRS, please post here instead. Thank you! This post will now be locked.
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    Hey dudes! Name's Xena. I am a former RS3 player now OSRS player. My RS3 name is HiromiNeko and my OSRS name is Xena Hashai. Played since classic and am an alt-o-holic for certain I am wanting to be active on the forums now that I'm finally of age to actually understand forums and what not and have forum experience. As when I was 6 I couldn't really grasp forums or anything. But it's good to be here, I'll be on the lookout for OSRS content But ye, hopefully I will see some of you guys around the threads!
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    Now that things are (relatively) working as they should be, what exactly is the dev team up to? Most of the front-end and critical data has been restored to an adequate level to allow our community to access the site as they have in the past. You may have noticed some things have gone missing - such as the login on the main page, comments and submissions on guides, persons, monsters, items and calculators - this was partially due to our new forums being introduced, and partially due to an upcoming massive update that's being worked on in the background (more on that below). Right now I'm working on hammering out a couple other very important back-end changes for the existing site to make it function more smoothly and as needed for staff. The biggest RHQ project to date is currently in progress in the background (which we are calling RHQ 2.0). We're working on a whole new core that will modernize RHQ a bit more. Not only is the back end of the site getting reworked to be more user friendly, With Faith and I are working on bringing a new front end to the site that we hope you will all enjoy. If there are any other Old School fans lurking here, similar to myself, you'll be glad to know that with 2.0 will come segregation of OS and RS3 content. Upon logging into 2.0 you will be defaulted to see RS3 content, but a quick fix in your settings will make the default displays be OS related. This will make sifting through all those quests much easier - not to mention persons, items and monsters will be displayed for OS and not RS3. We do not yet have a date of release for this, but I felt like you all should know what's going on in regards to the development of RHQ - especially since my fixes have been somewhat site-breaking here and there. You all as our community deserve to know what is going on as it's not the staff that makes the community tick; it's all of you coming together with us that makes RHQ the amazing community it is. If we can stay together with the downtime we experience a couple months ago, we can surely make it together through the updates that are on the distant horizon. Please, let us know how you feel about this and if you have any questions. I hope you all are as excited for these updates as we are! ~Your local hermit coder Oh yeah... did I mention mobile, well yeah, mobile display. And what's talk without a bit of a teaser image (remember, this is all pre-alpha and is going to change):
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    you have to do any work first
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    What a way to celebrate the new forum with it's first inaugural competition, a Double XP Weekend one! Time to skill your keyboard out as you gain as much XP as you can to improve yourself, make some progress, or just AFK some gains. Either way, there's prizes to be had! The prizes for this competition start with 1st place getting 15m, all the way down to 15th place getting 1m! It's definitely something for anyone so join up and get some gains going! Rules One account per person can join. No staff restrictions this time around! To fully benefit you must join before it starts. If you join afterwards you may, but will be at a disadvantage due to time passed. Roll up and let's get skilling! Current Sign-Ups St. Squiggy senug Chathmurrpau Ksb Single Armahkarma Katalex Dorky Girl Rdranger2020 With Faith Haxorze Loucetios H Lynn S Telle Owain121 Gforlife Zing 1 Balista77 Djentocalyps Danbridge Pixelatic Greystar Jeimuzu Aaros
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    Who else is brave enough?
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    Hello everyone my name is Danbridge. My old account name was Lord Relztik (yes, i'm back!). It's great to be part of this wonderful forum. My hero was created on Nov. 1, 2017.
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    Just a quick note here, on behalf of the clan staff, please understand that all clan staff is instructed not to ask to borrow from any clan mate. If you are approached and they claim to be staff do be mindful. There have been a few instances of this happening and we wish in the future, for this not to have happen again.
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    So I can pick on Alfa.... why else? Seriously, I love the site, been using for years. Great people and content. What more can a fellow adventurer ask for?
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    Woohoooo!!! Congrats Mori!!!
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    Last day of competitions guys! And we are over 500M total!! 1 Bond already for in the prizes!
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    The RNG is strong with this one...
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    Vindicta and Gorvek Introduction Vindicta and Gorvek are a boss Located in The Heart (God Wars Dungeon 2) Located South West of Nardah. Location Here To kill Vindicta And Gorvek You will Require 80 Attack and 40 kill count of the Zarosian enemies located in the Zaros section of the dungeon. Location Here Recommended Stats and Equipment These recommendations are just advisory but its recommended to have some of the required stats and Equipment To increase Kills Per Trip And Damage Per Second For this Guide purpose ill be using Range Setup Stats Defence : 80+ (preferably 90+, 80 is minimum) Attack 80 (Requirement to Enter) Range 85+ (preferably 90+ to access T90 Equipment) Herblore 96 ( Access to Overloads) Prayer 95+ (Curses) Constitution 80+ Equipment List of Items Head: Pernix Cowl Top: Pernix Body Bottom: Pernix Chaps Boot: Pernix Boots Gloves: Nightmare Gauntlets (Snipe Buff) Main Hand/Off-Hand: Ascension Crossbow/Off-Hand Ascension Crossbow Ring: Ring of Dwarfs (Ring of Death if Learning) Amulet: Amulet of Souls (Or) could use Reaper if need Accuracy Pocket: Any Illuminated Good book Cape: TokHaar-Kal-Xil (or Range Accomplishment Cape for Perk of 20% bolt activation buff) Ammunition Slot: Diamond Bakriminel bolts (e) (ruby swap in inventory) Aura Slot: Your preference if learning Advised Vamperism, Supreme Sharpshooter or Reckless Inventory and Beast of Burden Brew Could be Swapped out for Blue Blubber Jellyfish Shield swap (mandatory) Beast of Burden use best you can And fill with Food Fight Mechanics Phase 1 Start of Fight (Recommended to use Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e)) 2 Auto Attacks Hurricane Spin Will hit Within 2 Spaces ( Can be Resonanced) Rest of Fight (Recommended to use Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e)) 1 Auto Attack 1 Auto Attack 1 Auto Attack Fire Wall (Purple Flames That will Rapid Damage up to 1000 Per Tick) 3 Auto Attacks Hurricane Repeat Phase 2 Vindicta will now Mount Gorvek the dragon at 100,000 LP It is advised to now Switch To Diamond Bakriminel Bolts (e) His set attack pattern is as follows. Melee Attack Range Attack (100% hit chance) (Switch To Shield And Resonance For Huge Heals (3000LP Often If resonance is on Cooldown use Devotion or Debilitate Swapping prayer to range) Fly + Firewall (Vindicta will fly to one of the Corners of the Arena And create Firewall like Phase one) Repeat Due to note if Vindicta is a distance from you he will Skip the Melee Attack Notable Drops Dormant Anima Armour (Helmet, Platelegs, Platebody) 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Dragon Rider Lance 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Crest of Zaros 1:512 and 0% boost from Reputation, At 100% will double the drop rate Zarosian Essence Pet Drops Glimmering Scale - Rawrvek Pet Imbued blade slice - Vindiddy Pet (1/2000 Normal Mode or 1/1000 in challenge mode with a Threshold of 400 (reputation does not effect these) Any Questions feel Free To ask Any Issues like spelling or things you feel should be added just message me and ill add it when free Thanks for reading Souls Black
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    Now thats hot! Great job and congratz! Whats next?
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    Hi, I just got 90 construction this morning. I'm currently doing 800K xp per day (or 8 percent) to get to 99 construction. I'm also working on 99 farming while going for 99 construction. I currently am almost to 92 farming. My first level 99 on Runescape 3 was runecrafting. I did that in runespan in the first month of my membership that i bought last year. I've only had this account for 2-ish years now. My total level is 2179. I'm just wondering if I'm dedicating too much time to this game because I know that in theory (keyword), it's possible to get the max cape in less than 1 year. I know that in practice, maxing out the account takes a lot longer than 1 year. I'm just wondering if I'm "no lifing" this game. Thanks.
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    Hey! You caught you a big one! Congrats bud!
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    Woooo you're on fire! Grats!
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    Grats! Some people don't like cursing, but it sure helps when playing RS
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    Now that some IRL dust has settled I can make this official.... The moderators have now become a little more numerous Help me congratulate @Numerous Oneon his promotion to Forum Manager!
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    That's a nice find!
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    The rework is here, and so are we. Lets smash some records and enjoy the rework! Competition Topic | When Is It For You?
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    These are fun! Thanks for doing this to end the year at RHQ!
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    Arm yourselves! The horrors of October are on us and we need to get ready! Nothing says deadly like a stake right thru a monster's chest (if you can make'em then kudos to you!). We're going to prepare by fletching any and all types of ammo for our weapons. Arrows your thing? Feather away. Bolts better? Hammer it gud. Really accurate with darts? Eye'em up. As always there are some restrictions: - Community Crew are exempted from winning. - One RSN per person entry allowed. - Can enter after the competition starts but will be at a disadvantage. The competition will start this Friday the 19th and will end the following Friday the 26th. The winners of the competition will gain 3m, 2m, and then 1m for 1st thru 3rd respectively. As they say in the Hunger Games, may the odds ever be in your favor. Current Sign-Ups @ChathMurrpau @Ksb Single @Armahkarma @With Faith @senug Loucetios Stanimite
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