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    It gives me great pleasure to promote ChathMurrpau to the position of Content Admin. She has proven herself many times over and i could not be prouder to have her in this rank
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    I got new mug to celebrate the occasion
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    So this week was horrid. Honestly I am so tired, lol. But I got the first portion of the quest done, and am satisfied that this quest isn't super short and does lead somewhere, storywise. I get that not many people are interested in quests and so introduction quests are now trending towards super short, but I am not a fan. Anyway, on to what I actually gathered so far. I'll post it in the updates section when I'm done, but this seems a perfectly adequate area to stash them for the future.
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    Many Congratulations to you!!!
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    Just an update I can confirm this. Just tried it.
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    Even if you are no lifeing it, who cares? it's your life and your game to play as you see fit. Super Fly hit the nail on the head for this one
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    Hey! You caught you a big one! Congrats bud!
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    Grats! Some people don't like cursing, but it sure helps when playing RS
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    I noticed that the rewards for completing Between A Rock.. are different in game than on the quest guide. Instead of getting a Rune Pickaxe, you receive an Adamant Pickaxe +2. Has anyone else come across this??
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    Congrats bud! Glad IRL has settled down for you.
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    Extremely late, but RL has been hectic lately.. Congrats @ChathMurrpau
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    Congrats Amy!! Well Deserved!!!!!
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    Welcome back Mori!
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    Yeah, Its like all my rng has built up over the year to all come at once
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    Too many choices wtg!!
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    Wow, the Rednar is strong with you...
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    Congrats on getting the pet.... again!
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    Nice, Grats bud!
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    Wow, huge congrats bud!
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    HA! Yeah quite a few Already done No clue, I need to make some money somehow. I don't have enough to boss plus I'm pretty bad at it. So I've got to figure out how I'm gonna do that first. I did Thanks everyone!
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    Search the Chests in the Dwarven Mine Go down the ladder from the Dwarven mine north of Falador and run South then west then south to Hura the crossbow merchant. The chest is nearby.
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    Looks like you have a 99 in procrastination... Good job on getting resalted.
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    Grats on the 120 and beating the nerf!
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    This Saturday our wonderful Events Team will be hosting Something Special! Are you wondering what it is? Has this sparked your Curiosity? Well come on and join us at this event! Event Details Date: Saturday, June 1st Time: 18:00 game time FC: Telle World: 60 Location: Telle's fc Discord details Join here We hope to see you all there! The Events Team
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    It's from his December to March being away. Sirius forgot to post that he came back
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    what if that's why it hasn't taken KSB
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    Things I recall from doing it the other day..... Boss #1- The Crassian Leviathan fairly sure the beam is poison I surged down the middle when swapping sides bc Leviathan moved when he does the head/body slide it makes me think of the Cha-Cha Slide...... Boss #2 - Taraket the Necromancer I used dominion mines and weapon poison++ when I did story mode and I believvvvve they worked, but I"m having second thoughts about it atm (can't recall if they worked at Ambassador too, but I think it did)
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    Boss #2 Big ol' necro-troll-dude Easily the easiest of all 3 bosses in this Elite Dungeon. To make this kill go by faster: KILL EVERYTHING.. The boss heals of the skeletons it summons, failing to kill them will add to the time it takes to kill it. (this only applies to solo kills; only thing you don't ignore in duo/trio is the rift) Attacks and Special Attacks: Magic Attack: (Big Orange Fireball ,pray protect/deflect magic) Ranged Attack: (Looks like the bosses uses Death Swiftness, Pray protect/deflect Ranged) Rift Of Undead: Destroy it before the timer runs out, afterwards finish off the skeletons to prevent the boss from healing (failing to kill the rift results in a 7k+ hit) Big Ogre: Twice during the fight he'll summon an Ogre for you to kill, finish it and the skeletons it spawns off before the boss can heal off it And last but not least: Super Sp00ky Ghost Attack: Boss summons a wall of ghosts that slowly move towards you.. Easily avoidable by walking to the side or surging through them. See screenshot for an example on how to avoid them:
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    ChathMurrpau has best display picture.
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    Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a certain boss or role? Well today is your lucky day. Events Team will be teaching you how to do roles at Beastmaster Durzag. So hype yourself up, grab your best gear, and join us as we teach you how to be the pet tank and nc.
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    These are fun! Thanks for doing this to end the year at RHQ!
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    As of this afternoon, our front-end developer has been promoted to Development Manager. Wish him luck as he juggles being a Moderator with All that lovely Layout work. This should be fun!
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    Box trap table on site still lists 210. 178 XP is confirmed in game as accurate as of *looks at clock* about 5 min ago. Got 534 XP for 3 chompas without any bonus
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    Everyone: All previous forum awards should now be awarded based off of the old forum except post count which has been reset. If you are missing any awards that you feel you should have please post below and we will research it and get it fixed. If you had awards on the old forums but have a new name on these forums that may be the reason, if this is the case please post you old name below and we will look into it. (If you are looking for your content awards those are being redone/adjusted and will hopefully be out soon.) If you have ideas for new awards you can also post below and we will can discuss those. Enjoy your awards!
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    since its been a solid year or so since RuneHQ has seen me I think..
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